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  • The ideal choice for beginners learning to stand on pointe, especially with the super soft shank SS.A soft insole keeps an immature foot from overloading. A low box gives less pressure on toes than a forepart in regular pointe shoe.Grishko Novice has V-shaped medium vamp and a sole made of  leather of suede with a drawstring.

    39,71 € + IVA 41,80 € -5%
  • These pointe shoes are ideal for intermediate and advanced dancer. The box is shaped perfectly and fits a wide variety of foot shapes. The shank of these dance shoes is medium.Grishko 2007 is designed to alleviate pressure on the first metatarsal.Ribbons not included.

    40,76 € + IVA 42,90 € -5%
  • 40,76 € + IVA 42,90 € -5%
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